Deborah Berenbaum

Deborah was born in Brussels in the 1980’s

She has always had a passion for Art & Design focusing on the aesthetics and the intellectual processes behind the art. She studied Architecture which she is still practicing today. She likes to remodel spaces, giving a house a more dynamic second life by combining the old and the new, transforming spaces, working with light and materials.

Her own creativity is expressed through her work as an architect, as well as through her paintings, collages and sculptures. She can be described as a creative and meticulous person.

She uses objects in her paintings, loves to divert them from their primal function and transforms them. She mostly works on accumulations and repetitions, and loves to add a little sparkle and sometimes a lot of sparkle.Deborah is very curious.  She enjoys traveling and has learned much about different cultures, she is intrigued by the many ways of life, habits and customs. She is fascinated by the beauty that each place has to offer through its lights, nature, architecture and arts. Deborah’s travels opened her mind and gave her the will to discover more.

In the collaboration project with Play It Art, Deborah is excited by the opportunity to create art in the theme of Soccer.

She is happy to explore the many aspects involved in Soccer  : the game itself, the competitive team spirit and the fame and prestige of the players.

She invites you to discover her glitter universe.

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3 products