Emmanuelle Rybojad

A French artist born in 1991.

Being self-taught, she has been immersed in art from her earliest years in the presence of a father-in-law who is a collector, who initiated her into the major artistic movements. Emmanuelle is interested in all art forms and is developing a curiosity that is both wide-ranging and profound. A curiosity that drives her to envisage art other than hanging on walls.

Her works are assertively contemporary, imbued with a multi-generational modernity that interpellates, and incites introspection.

Mosaics of Rubik’s Cube, giant puzzles playing on perspectives, objects illuminated by neon lights, Emmanuelle Rybojad’s work is congruent with the kinetic movement, an artistic strand that is characterised by the movement of the works produced either mechanically or through optical illusions.

This creative artist with a mordant dynamism has become a rising figure in contemporary art in the space of less than a year. Her works have been shown in prestigious galleries in New York, Singapore, Paris, London and Geneva. She is intuitive and overflowing with ambition, experimenting with procedures, mastering materials, defying perspectives, and daring to do new things.

Works by Emmanuelle Rybojad :

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3 products