Mah Chen

Mah chen is based in Shanghai, born in 1981.

Mah chen’s journey into art began in his early childhood , raised in a hugely inspiring and creative family. At the age of 16, he started to learn paintings and illustrations academically. He grew up inspired by many art professionals, and then formed his creative skills from his sense of colors and abstract approach. He studied “Fine Art” and started to establish his professional career as a painter of sunshine, since 2005 he has also collaborated with many international artists.

After living and studying in The United States, he decided to overturn his career, leaving the traditional fine art and moving into Contemporary Art, which he found to be the ideal way to express and portray his feelings. The artist felt the need to start talking about the dark side of the world, trying to bring it to a more creative level. He realized that the best way to have a better world was to create positive art for the world which he produces through his bright colors and movements of triumph . In the same period, he started his experience as an Art teacher which has been an amazing experience to gain knowledge about what the new generation needs.

Over a few very successful years Mah Chen exhibited his work in museums, art fairs and galleries in France, The United States, Indonesia, China, Switzerland, The UK and Korea , highlighted by magazine publications. He also spent long periods working in China to become inspired by the amazing things which the world has to offer. 

Mah Chen is currently represented by Mookji Art Collaboration.

Works by Mah Chen :

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