Laure Krug

Laure Krug was born in 1974 in Strasbourg. After graduating from plastic arts in 1992, after the paper mache of her debut, Laure Krug had a lot of fun sculpting clay before innovating with new techniques. She starts working with clay and with different techniques of cooking, raku, engobe and enamel. She found her subject, it will be the woman, the round woman, full, funny and tender. 

The « Pasdames », a recurring character is born. Generous forms, small quilts on the head, half woman half child, muse of her work. Limited in her formats by the terracotta, held by her need to experiment and cravings for color textures, Laure will mix genders and make a great creative cuisine that will become her motto.

She will use different materials before mastering polyester, glass fibers, surface fibers and acrylic resins. She was initiated in 2013 to the technique of molding and resin prints. These new tools will require constant and permanent adaptation.

In her workshop as on a construction site, a mask on the eyes as one puts on her glasses, Laure works the resin to model her subject. The « Pasdames » of Laure Krug, a strong admirer of Nikki De Saint Phalle, but even more of Botero, have undoubtedly found their own identity. Woman in all her femininity, her sculptures are exceptional creatures playing the codes of decency and assuming their roundness as well as their color, with an inextricable lightness.

All unique pieces, her « Pasdames » are decidedly naughty and impertinent. They allow themselves to be and live without apprehension from the eyes of others.

Works by Laure Krug :

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3 products