Sela Wak

“Let me approach you delicately with my camera, and discover through my lens your most intimate universe. Let me be your shadow for a while!”
Sela Wak Aka Déborah Waknine was born in Brussels and currently lives in Antwerp.

Deborah has always been tempted by the daring desire to exploit her different facets, one artistic and the other spiritual, for creative purposes.
Speaker and Author Déborah hosts workshops on understanding and the meaning of diseases. The study of the wisdom and the symbolic 22 Hebraïc letters through the teachings of the Kabbalah gave her an important perspective, which enabled her to explore the infinite healing resources that we all possess. In her workshops and consultations, with the support of the 22 Hebraïc letters, Déborah provides us with the essential question, which in a mutual and caring environment gives us the key to realize our true nature. 

With the  photography, she takes us into her artistic universe from which emanates an intimate fragrance like no other.
“ Sela Wak, capture the moment where the emotions are palpable on the photo film as I have rarely seen.
I want to call her “Feelings catcher”. Endowed with an innate sense of observation-contemplation, thanks to its objective, it manages to capture, to surprise the moment when the human character of its target is the most dense!

To manage to keep day after day the same ability of wonder that the children or the searchers of gold in front of the thousandth nugget spotted, it is a precious gift.
In her diurnal professional life, she is also in this logic of quest for the other, of questioning … reflected in her clichés: to see what the other does not show, to return discreetly in her intimacy. This atypical approach is its strong point!
His recent photographic work for Play It Art is titled “Secret Fields”. Sela Wak takes us into her dreamlike and timeless world with a singular look on football pitches.

Works by Sela Wak:


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6 products