Diandian is a Chinese designer, illustrator and author for young children.

Diandian studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Nantes in 2016 and arrived in Brussels in 2017 where she began her studies in illustration at the Academy des Beaux-Arts. During her studies, she experimented several techniques: drawing, acrylic, bookbinding, etc. She also studied various methods to tell stories with her own illustrations and texts. Her stories are often funny and touching with a poetic and philosophical look.

In 2019, she left for the University of Arts in London. There she discovered another pedagogy enriched by exchanges and openings.  She experimented with different printing techniques such as woodcutting, etching and silkscreen printing. She also discovered new illustration methods such as collage. Her book The Bear and the Little Green Thing will be published in 2021 in Australia and in the US with Berby Publishing.

She always remains close to her childs soul and particularly appreciates cute and spontaneous drawings. Now she livres in Brussels as an illustrator freelancer,she is also giving creative workshops to children.

Works by Diandian:


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