Jessica Hilltout

Jessica was born in Belgium, 1977. She's been travelling ever since. Her parents exposed her to the world and this sparked her fascination with images. 
As a young woman, she attended Art College in Blackpool, England and later worked briefly (and unhappily) in commercial photography.

In 2002 she traveled through Central Asia and Africa photographing the seemingly unimportant, the apparently hidden and finding beauty in both.
This led to her exhibition 'Faces and Places'.
In 2007 she spent 6 months in Madagascar working on The Beauty of Imperfection. 

Jessica's work is positive proof that beauty can be found anywhere, especially in those unique imperfections that mark our individuality. 

Society may worship perfection and adore the manufactured image. Jessica's images show us that the truth lies elsewhere.

Her work takes us far away from glossy advertising, luxury shops and soulless chain stores to a place where the superfluous and superficial are stripped away; and where fundamentals human values shine through.

AMEN, her most ambitious work to date, remains true to finding beauty and joy where others may only see sadness and deprivation.
AMEN, above all else, captures the strength of the human spirit

Works by Jessica Hilltout :


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8 products