Atelier Louves

Who is Atelier Louves? 

Atelier Louves is a Brussels art collective, created by graphic designer Cathy Gagalis Vega and art therapist and illustrator Clarisse Jeghers. 

The artists met at La Cambre and joined their talents in 2017.  

What does Atelier Louves do? 

Atelier Louves moves in duo to leave its signature on various supports: walls, textiles, serigraphs, packaging … It’s identity: feminine. It’s universe: dreamlike symbols, repeating prints, cartographies, geometric and universal patterns. 

Atelier Louves is love …

In new places. For playground, an infinite space, that the collective invests with bombs, pencils, brushes and pixels.

Works by Atelier Louves :

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2 products